Manufactured Sand vs River Sand - A comparisonManufactured Sand vs River Sand - A comparison

Understand the difference:

M-Sand is short form for Manufactured Sand, an artificial sand made in factories by crushing rocks/granites. River Sand is self-explanatory, Sand that's sourced from the river banks or river beds which is naturally available. Due to the rising difficulties in sourcing River sand and its cost has given birth to M-sand, making it a fast-emerging alternative to sand.

Current Situation in Chennai: In Chennai if you are planning to build your house using River Sand then you might have to shed 30% more of your budget only on sourcing River sand. Chennai has a huge shortage in supply of River Sand that's majorly due to illegal mining. Due to which most of the constructors have started sourcing the same via importing the same.

In Chennai most of the River Sand is imported from Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia as their cost compared to the local market is 1/5th. You can get 4.5 Tonnes of River Sand for Rs.10,350/- compared to the current market price of Rs. 23,460/- for 1 Tonne. So, if you don’t want to shed more money in sourcing River Sand then M Sand is the only alternative left.

How is M-Sand Made: - M-Sand is manufactured in a three-stage process - Crushing - Crushing of Quarry and Rocks stones into fine particles - Screening - Making sure the rocks are crushed as same as River Sand - Washing - Washing the finely crushed particles to remove all the micro-fine particles.

M-Sand Application: All construction work can be done using M-Sand except plaster work and water proofing work. It can be used for - RCC work - Brick work - Block work The Advantages of M Sand - More Cost-effective than Natural Sand - Compliant With the New European Standards - Less Disruptive to the Environment - Lesser Impurities and Good Working Properties Disadvantages of Manufactured Sand - Workability Issues - Larger Proportion of Micro Fines - Expert Opinion We (SuperHomes) believe in choosing the environmentally friendly options in all our project as our part in conserving and protecting our natural resources.

Environment Friendly doesn’t mean using low grade material, we procured our M-Sand from a reliable source and that it has been adequately processed and tested to meet the required quality specifications approved by IS 383 and IS 2116 permit codes.